‘A good communication is like a morning coffee, 50% of the work already completed.’ - IM translation



About us

When faced with language barriers, communication, with its layers, means, nuances, and contexts, may be a difficult game.

Translation, with all its intents and purposes, presents an array of problems. The two biggest problems famously stand at odds in a Mexican Standoff, manual vs machine translation.

At the hands of another, the tender shoots stifle as we read the lines, translated by ambiguity, both beyond or short of the criterion, lacks faith and consistency.

Translation by machines, be it consistent, be it fast, but lacks creativity potential with beautiful prose, brimming with metaphors, painting imagery with words.

For example, "She must live quietly during times of great stress, content with every small step she takes." Or, "She must live like the snails, moment to moment, centimeter to centimeter. In a moment of hopeful reflection, these tiny wet beings straining calcium from the water and spinning it into polished dreams on their backs—it is enough. More than enough. "

This is where we step in, as a mediator between technology and our finest impulses, we concoct a perfect blend, translating and transforming your words into a gateway.

Our tools and experienced yet specialized staff would love to hear what you have to say and relay it in the most appropriate tone.

IM family

30 years, more than 1800 experts, 650,000 projects, and 1200 clients. We continue our journey growing and evolving.

From clients who request creative work (portfolios, magazine articles, menus) to those requesting serious tones (legal, research, reports), we've risen to the occasion. Avid for knowledge, becoming a source of astonishment, we've risen to the heights that triumphed over all requests with profound bliss. Here we currently stand, experience on our left, tools on our right, steadily ready for all that we encounter.

Our workers


We were born.

Just before the start of the new millenium, we were originally under IBM's translation division. But we branched out under new goals, challenges, and people. 1992, we left our room, a compound of a room which every turn, every chink inside its walls, that single random tile, not in line like the rest, we knew and recognized, because we wanted to be exposed, challenged, and dismantled. Beginning is always difficult, to venture into the unknown, to realize that we do not change things in accordance with our desires, but our desires change. Amidst the struggle, the vulnerabilities and mistakes, the end, the present, is gorgeous and formidable. To progress, we understood we needed to develop a new model, one that would render then reality obsolete.

Our workers



We've given our translators and interpreters the skills and training they need to work with the most up-to-date technology and systems. Our programs (TradosStudio, Smartling, Memsource, Idiom World Server, Wordfast, Qordoba, Madcap LINGO, MS Office, Xbench, Adobe Illustrators & Indesign, and others), along with competent project managers and freelancers, provide us with the best possible tools to meet the problem. For decades, translation and interpretation were done by hand, but much as Henry Ford put rollers on his automobiles and got people used to moving at a faster pace, we use the same principle here.

Working image

Our future

Innovating through language, this has been our goal, our motto, and our start. Rebelling against the old, attempting and admiring at the new, always challenging, forcing the normal boundaries, screaming against status-quo like a siren in a crime-infested city. Our vision extends beyond, beyond translation and interpretation. We aim to build a system that is fluid, seamless, and efficient, while rejecting the idea of behaving as a mean. Technology, skills, and customs continually morphs, morphs into a shape unpredictable and we prepare for it by updating our standards. Our strategy is to include our services more deeply, resulting in long-term partnerships with our partners and clients. If a project arises among our partners, our services should be available without a formal request. This is our ambition and our vision for the future.


Our team.

The staff at I'm translation are competent, experienced, and dependable.

We tackle our projects by employing a modular system. Silo-ing expertise into a concentrated cauldron allows us to assign our projects suitably and effectively.

Aside from enhanced productivity, the connection between project managers and freelancers becomes a well-oiled machine as specific freelancers are regularly assigned. As a result, project managers are aware of the freelancers' abilities and limitations, and the freelancers are aware of and expect familiar work.

Our interpretation staff are trained to handle extreme environments. Be it a meeting, be it a news conference, be it a presentation, we provide the most suitable interpreters who can relay messages as intended. Contact us if you require an interpreter.

Freelancers, the crop of our work, works with flexibility regarding time and work-load.

We want to ensure that freelancers have enough time to focus on their primary career which in-turn helps us and our clients with skills and expertise of their own.

As a result, we've acquired vast number of freelancers with a wide spectrum of careers. We are always looking for competent workers and freelancers. Check out the career page for more information.

‘That about concludes my introduction. We are delighted to hear about you. Grab your quote now.’ - IM translation